Technical Program Manager, Seattle

Having worked with Aidan in the past I greatly appreciate his positive and constructive candor.  In late 2017 I found myself stuck in a rut for 8+ months.  I had left the company I had been with for 20+ years in January 2017 and was struggling on my next steps.  Then I engaged with Aidan for coaching.  He helped me identify areas for improvement and opportunities that I had not perceived previously.  As a result since January 2018 I have returned to full time employment.  I am currently on a great team in a Fortune 25 company, with even more opportunities ahead.  But more importantly the coaching has also helped me greatly in my personal/family life.  Aidan’s coaching has helped me in multiple areas including addressing procrastination, planning, and organization.  Based on our engagement and the successes I have enjoyed I would strongly recommend Aidan’s valuable knowledge and coaching ability.  Thank you again,  Aidan!!!