Marketing Director, Seattle Area

When I met Aidan, I was already a successful director at the world’s largest tech company with a history of major career achievements leading to that point.  Even though, I knew the path I was on, my life and career objectives were clear, I still have blind spots as we all do.  The blind spots had been with me for many years, and I simply was too close to be able to recognize what they were, let alone how to deal with them.  Through Aidan @, we quite literally dismantled those blind spots, made them visible and recognizable to me, and built strategies on actually how to minimize their affect.  Aidan’s resolute career has given him a wealth of information and experience to draw on to help anyone.  Coupled his experiences with the practice methods of Bulletproof coaching, I found myself moving beyond the plateau I was on, and progressing again both personally and professionally.